Every App Store and Google Play page view is a unique opportunity. Are you maximizing it?

MarMetrix App Store Landing Page Split Testing

With the increasing costs of paid app downloads, ASO has become the number one source of new installs. Testing and optimizing every element of your app store page is critical.


Test your icon, slides, video, title, and description against your current app store page. Are you in pre-launch? Test all those elements as well as pricing.  The MarMetrix platform makes it easy to setup and run tests in just a few minutes.


  • Is Your Icon Maximizing CTR?
  • Does Your Title Convey Your Value?
  • Are Your Slides and Videos Telling Your Story?

Setup a Test in Minutes and Watch Your Downloads Soar

Start Testing

Works with Paid and Organic Traffic

Once a winner has been found all traffic is automatically sent to the App Store or Google Play depending on the device so you won't lose any future traffic when the test done.

SAAS Platform

Our platform is hosted on Amazon AWS for scalability and reliability. We know every page view is a potential customer for you so we take every measure to ensure all of your traffic reaches your pages no matter how popular your app gets.

Actionable Statistical Analysis

Every test you run includes full statistical analysis and engagement metrics. Easily measure the impact of different icons, videos, slides, titles, descriptions, even price.

Quickly Start a Test

To get started you can either have your existing app store pages imported or use one of our templates. Choose the elements (icon, title, description, video, slides, and pricing) that you want to test. Test a single element or all the elements at once.

You can test up to four pages per store for each campaign. We’ll stop the test as soon as a statistically significant winner is determined. It’s as easy as that. Start testing today!

Flexible Testing

Choose your testing margin of error. For the fastest results choose a margin of 5%. If absolute certainty is more important then choose 1-2%. For most tests we recommended 3-5% for fast and accurate results.

Smart Platform

MarMetrix calculates probabilities in real time so with each impression we update the estimated number of visits before a statistically significant winner can be declared.

Once the winner is found all traffic is then sent directly to the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or the default web page you choose depending on the type of device the visitor is using. You never have to worry about losing any traffic from an ongoing ad campaign or website link.

Every visit can result in an install during the test and after the test stops.